Skin Care Beverly Hills

Skin Care Beverly Hills

Dr. Diamond’s Diamond Face Institute offers a variety of skin care services that serve to mitigate sun damage, age, smoking, and other environmental issues that can create wrinkles, creases, and fine lines.

To reduce the look of aging, and for health enhancement, as a board certified facial plastic surgery professional, Dr. Diamond offers TCA Acid Peel, Phenol Skin Peel, Removal of Age Spots, Moles and Skin Cancers for patients.

Skin resurfacing, or refreshing, is a technique offered by Dr. Diamond to target small, deeprunning wrinkles, and eliminate “leathery” skin. Dr. Diamond offers a wide variety of facial customized with care for individual patients for the most optimal results.

Skin resurfacing restores even severely wrinkled skin to a youthful appearance. Dr. Diamond mastered the artistry of the facial peel technique from skilled peelers with over 30 years of experience. Board certified, Dr. Diamond’s surgical and non-surgical facial care is known and appreciated around the world.

Performed in-office, facial peel techniques are brief in duration, but pack a powerful skin restoration punch. Advanced treatments are designed to eliminate and improve skin conditions such as acne and acne scarring, skin tags, discoloration, sun damaged skin and more.