Beverly Hills Brow Lift

Beverly Hills Brow LiftBrow lifts are designed to provide a more youthful, rested look for eyebrows and upper eyelids. Dr. Diamond assists with worldwide patients seeking brow lifts, which intimately affect the upper regions of the face, often the first to develop an appearance of aging or weariness. Upper eyelid rejuvenation is a key approach to restore youthful appearance. Dr. Diamond’s skilled, board certified technique for brow lifts is based on a natural and youthful outcome through the removal of only the skin and fat in excess. The main portion of the brown in need of lift is the tail of the brow; minimal lifting if any is needed to the middle brow.

The most natural and aesthetic approach to brown lift is the raising of the outer brow, and restoration of brow volume as needed.

To facilitate correction of drooping brows and minimize lines and furrows, Dr. Diamond uses the endoscopic brow lift technique, which relies on making tiny, invisible holes in the scalp, inserting a minute pencil-like camera to view and elevate the muscles and tissues beneath the skin. The result: a more youthful brow and forehead. These brow lifts are often performed in conjunction with facelifts, with eyelid surgery also performed is requested at the same time.