Botox Beverly Hills

Botox Beverly HillsDr. Diamond provides many non-surgical facial enhancements to patients. One such enhancement is Botox, a cosmetic procedure that provides smoother-looking, more youthful and appealing skin.

What is Botox? A natural purified protein, which is injected into designated facial areas. How does it work? By smoothing skin to eliminate visible aging. With sun, stress, and environmental factors creating skin aging, a non-surgical procedure such as Botox can provide exactly what patients’ need to find a more youthful and lovely appearance.

Botox works very well to improve facial areas, such as wrinkle and worry lines on the forehead and between eyebrows, laugh lines around the mouth, crows feet around the outer eyes, and more.

Board certified, talented and skilled in non-surgical facial enhancement procedures, Dr. Diamond is dedicated to providing the ultimate success in achieving cosmetically enhanced facial appearance. As just such a tool, Botox, can dramatically reduce the affects of aging in minutes, cost effectively. Often called a liquid facelift, Botox is used by over 5.7 million patients in 2011. Essentially painless, Dr. Diamond uses the tiniest possible needle to offer Botox injections, which take less than half an hour, and allow an immediate return to usual activities and routines.