In the Media – Beverly Hills Facelift

Dr. Jason B. Diamond has been featured on numerous television shows such as Dr. 90210, NBC News and Discovery Channel.  Please view the following videos of him providing patients with world class surgical procedures, including brow lifts, facelifts, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty. These procedures have helped patients remove years of aging as well as feel better than ever!


Dr. Jason Diamond provides Wendy a deep plane facelift, a muscle tightening procedure that removes years of aging and supplies patients with a younger, rejuvenated look.



Lucinda, a patient of Dr. Diamond, is featured on Dr. 90210 documenting her experience receiving a face and brow lift.



In this video Glynda, a Long Beach resident, receives a facial rejuvenation procedure that removes years from the aging process.



Dr. Diamond provides Marge with a facial consultation to achieve a youthful appearance.



Isabel, a singer and songwriter, had a deviated septum that was effecting her singing ability. She is now able to breath easier, and thanks to her rhinoplasty procedure has a added self-confidence.



Jay, a resident of the Long Beach, had a number of issues corrected, including a deviated septum with a 100% obstruction, revision rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation.