Nose Surgery Beverly Hills

Nose Surgery Beverly HillsA nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is performed to improve the aesthetic quality and functional capabilities of the nose.  The surgery involves reconstructing the nose to compliment your face and enhance your overall complexion.   This is a treatment that requires artistic vision and superb technical skill, which Beverly Hills nose surgery specialist Dr. Jason Diamond is known for.

A rhinoplasty can be performed with general anesthesia.  This form of sedation can help you feel comfortable and free of pain during the treatment.   The procedure can take up to two to three hours, this can be affected by the total area that is determined to be treated.

After the conclusion of the surgery, you can wear a splint for one week to initiate the recovery process.  You may experience bruising and swelling around the treated area, but this is a normal occurrence that can be managed with prescription medication.  You can return back to work in one to two weeks after the treatment.

After a couple of months, the swelling will have receded and you can resume all of your activities.  The final results can be visible six months after the treatment.

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